I've always learning.


I started playing music at the age of 6, where after a complicated year of playing the violin (as much for my surroundings as for me), I started learning the slide trombone.

In parallel, I learned to play the guitar during my early years of middle school, and formed some bands with friends. The following years were punctuated by concerts and the "amateur" recording of our own compositions.

Time has passed, and I still play the trombone in a concert band.


I live in the Lille region, and have had the opportunity to buy and renovate.

I learned "on the job," with the help of my family, but I now know how to work on different trades: electricity, plumbing, insulation, drywall/fermacell, plaster, tiling, carpentry...

Each trade has its own rules and standards, and it is important to understand and respect them. Each construction site is different and requires adaptation to optimize and find the best solutions.


I discovered computing at home in 1994 with a Macintosh LC II running MacOS 7, and then I evolved with the different computers that were at home (Macintosh LC III, Macintosh Performa 5200, PowerMac G3/G4). I spent some of my time playing (Civilization II, Duke Nukem, Burn Cycle, Gabriel Knight Mystery...), but also trying to understand how everything worked.

In 2000, I participated in an educational project in middle school where we had to create an imaginary city, invent characters, and bring them to life through the creation of an HTML/CSS website.

A few years later, I was already developing my first dynamic websites with PHP, and contributing to the DotClear ecosystem by creating a PDF export plugin.

This was followed by a computer science curriculum that led me to turn a passion into a professional project.

I've always loved challenges, improving and automating repetitive tasks, and I've had the opportunity to work on several major transformational projects (technical stack migration, language/framework changes, industrialization) as a developer, Technical Leader, and Team Leader.

I particularly appreciate all the topics that revolve around Jamstack, as well as new frameworks such as NextJS/Remix.